Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aaand... they're off!

Most of the time I'm the sort of guy who likes to take it easy. You know those people who will push themselves to the limit who will try to climb a mountain with nothing more than the items they can carry in a backpack? That ain't me. I do, however, understand that urge to go out and see something new. The trill of excitement that comes from experiencing something new is a sensation like no other. When it comes to vacations my urge to explore can often trump my urge not to run myself ragged. But for my latest outing I may have outdone myself.

I decided to visit Tokyo.

Since I don't speak Japanese, know anything about Tokyo, or have the faintest idea how to get around this is going to be a bit of a challenge. It looks like my urge to be lazy is going to have to be shelved until I can figure out how what in the world I'm doing on this upcoming trip.

The reason I'm posting all this self-centered blather is that I'm hoping there might be some good anecdotes to be found in my preparation. What whacky misadventures am I going to get into next? Secondly, chronicling my preparation might help me in my planning. Third, it's a blog and you're supposed to go on about yourself on a blog.

So will this trip be a success? Will I become hoplesly lost and end up starving to death in some train terminal? Will I bother to update my blog on a regular basis? Stick around and find out!